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Give Me Life - Show Me Eternity (Dillon and Caps)

Ray originated the role of Mabel Loomis Todd in the new musical about Emily Dickinson, Show Me Eternity, written by Annie Dillon and Sam Caps. She was nominated for Best Singer at the New York Theatre Festival. 

Nomad (Live Session) - written and performed by Prettypretty

Prettypretty is a duo made up of Ray Elizabeth Wilson and Marcos René Ospina (they/them). They can be seen singing loud harmonies and making queer comedy around NYC.


released April 21, 2020 
Written by: prettypretty (Ray Elizabeth and Marcos Ospina) 
Vocals: prettypretty 
Guitar: Marcos Ospina

I Want (Live Session) - written and performed by Prettypretty

One of Prettypretty's first collaborations. 


released July 21, 2019 

Written by Marcos Ospina, arranged by Prettypretty
Marcos Ospina: Piano, Vocals 
Ray Elizabeth: Vocals

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